A downloadable game for Windows

How To Play

HopSlide consists of two games.

In Hop you can explore a large, blue world. There are some platforms to jump on, springs to launch you into the air, a mysterious map room to investigate and two doors (but they don't seem to go anywhere).

In Slide you can slide some colored blocks around. There are some markings on the blocks (but who cares what those are for). Slide doesn't come with any music so maybe you should leave Hop running in the background.

Hop and Slide are definitely not connected in any way.

How To Really Play

Run both games at once. The real game is to discover all the different ways the two games are connected, and in doing so collect the six colored letters. The letters are colored purple, blue, green, yellow, white and red, and their colors should give you some idea of where they are located.

Because the game is hard and requires a lot of thinking outside the box, I've added some hints below for each of the six letters.

Made by Daniel Linssen for Ludum Dare 30

Hop Controls

W or Up — Jump
A/D or Left/Right — Move
M — Mute

Xbox controller is also supported

Slide Controls

Left Click and Drag — Slide
M — Mute


The blue world is just one of many. When two worlds are connected in Slide, you can travel between them in Hop using the exits marked by arrows.

To erase progress, delete the HopSlide folder in C:\Users\<your name>\AppData\Local.


These hints are here in case you get really stuck. Use rot13 to decode.

Purple — Unir lbh tbar guebhtu rirel qbbe?
Blue — Fbzrguvat arrqf gb or pbaarpgrq.
Green — Gur flzobyf fubj lbh jung gb qb.
Yellow — Gurer vf n uhtr pyhr va gur fperrafubgf.
White — Jurer jbhyq gur juvgr yrggre or?
Red #1 — Gurer ner gjb ohggbaf.
Red #2 — Cerffvat gurz bar ng n gvzr jba'g uryc.
Red #3 — Lbh arrq gb fgnaq ba obgu ohggbaf ng gur fnzr gvzr.


HopSlide.zip 17 MB