A downloadable game for Windows and Android

Introducing four new superheroes...

Jump Man

Dash Lady

Left Man

and Robin


Four players each take control of a superhero and work together to escape the laboratory!

If playing with two or three players, politely divide the super heroes among the players.

If playing with one player, make friends with the nearest human and convince them to play with you. If they refuse to be friends, suggest being frenemies instead. If they still refuse, make friends with the nearest cat.

Playing this game with a cat is still better than playing this game alone.

Play using a single Xbox controller or keyboard.


A - player 1
B - player 2
X - player 3
Y - player 4
Back - retry


Down - player 1
Right - player 2
Left - player 3
Up - player 4
M - mute/unmute
R - retry
Esc - exit
Alt-Enter - fullscreen toggle


Four Limbs and a Head - All four players face away from the screen while a fifth player guides them through the game.
Lieutenant Left Man - The player currently in control of Left Man is the only player allowed to give commands.
Single Minded - Beat the game without ever swapping super heroes.
OCD OCD OCD OCD - Collect every single orb.


Daniel Linssen (@managore)
Ian Hern (@ianmakesgames)
Martin Kvale (@martinkvale)

Made for Global Game Jam 2015.


SUPER^4.exe (WINDOWS) (4 MB)
SUPER^4.apk (ANDROID) (12 MB)