A downloadable game for Windows and Mac OS X

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The deeper you travel the darker it gets,
and you only have your arrows to light the way.

Keyboard Controls

Arrow Keys — Move/Look/Navigate shop
Z — Jump/Purchase at shop
X — Fire
Esc — Pause/Exit the shop
M — Toggle mute
F — Toggle full screen
D+L — Hold for three seconds to delete all progress

Xbox Gamepad Controls

D-Pad/Left Stick — Move/Look/Navigate shop
A — Jump/Purchase at shop
X/Right Trigger — Fire
Start — Pause/Exit the shop

How To Play

Hold down X to keep your arrow nocked, and release X to fire. Your arrow glows, even while nocked. When you die you can spend the coins you collected on various upgrades. Any unspent coins are lost.


Daniel Linssen (@managore) — Developer
Jonathon Tree (@isyourguy) — Sound Effects and Music
B. Holcombe (@takorii) — Typography and Cover Art


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Roguelight (windows) 7 MB
Roguelight (mac) 7 MB