Prestige Mode

Roguelight now has a prestige system! there are also some minor balance and UI changes


when you beat the game you get the choice to go deeper. if you do, you lose all your upgrades and everything costs more. you can do this again and again (everything will cost more and more each time), and the game keeps track of what depth you're at (once you've reached depth 2, it displays your depth in the title screen). you can always choose to stay at the same depth, and you can always hold down D and L for three seconds to completely reset the game, losing all your upgrades and your depth

how deep can you go?


the brightness of your arrows when you have no arrow brightness upgrades has been increased, and the effectiveness of the arrow brightness upgrades has been decreased slightly. what this means is that early on your arrows are a bit brighter than they used to be, but once you have all the upgrades it's the same as before


when you pause the game and select retry, it now brings you to the shop screen, instead of skipping straight to the title screen (and losing all your coins). the shop icons have also been updated (a blue tick for bought upgrades, and a wiggling green dot for upgrades you can currently afford)



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Apr 26, 2019

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what means of split heart

I liked it more I felt a little difficult because of the dark

Where does the game save the progress? Because after I Deleted it I don´t want any digital trash left behind.

C:\Users\[your username]\AppData\Local\Roguelight

Thanks buddy, really enjoying the game, very nice mechanics and graphics. Hope that one day you make it into a bigger game, more variety of levels. All the best

This game looks really cool.  Any word on getting the version for Mac updated?  I've got a Mac so I'd be happy to help with running the build or testing, just let me know.


Nice work Dude!

sorry this is unrelated but i believe this is the only place i can comment, so i have all the upgrades, and i got to the final floor presumably, but how the *BLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP* do i defeat the final boss? theres nothing that implies a method to beat him.


Without spoiling it, here's a hint: In the floor where you encounter the final boss, explore the level thoroughly. You will find something, or rather somethings. They're not small by any means so don't worry about having to pixel hunt. You'll know what it is when you see them, and you'll know what to do with them when you do.


release the mac update also plz

+1 this


Nice, I didn't expect the game to be updated. What engine did you make it in by the way?


it's made in gamemaker studio 1.4


Looks amazing! Great job!


Can't wait to check it out.  This game rocks!


Solid update bro, am looking forward to putting in more playtime soon ^u^


Well, I guess I have to put some other hours into this masterpiece again.
Thanks for the update <3


I'll add my voice to the desire for an updated Mac version. I beat the game originally, and I'd love to go deeper. It's a tightly designed game that would have been a great addition to the library of the original Gameboy.


Hello, the fullscreen mode of the last roguelight version is black.


I love Roguelight. But no Mac update? Is Apple making it too annoying to publish for Mac?


hopefully I can make a mac update at some point, but I'll need to get my hands on a mac first and then work around some huge issues gamemaker has with building to mac


Thank you. I understand. Nobody needs huge problems. 

Any chance we can get the old Mac release back until then? 

(1 edit) (+1)

yep! the original release should still be available on the main page

the mac download does not work on mine. There are no error mesages, and no window opens.

I get an error message, at least:

“Roguelight” is damaged and can’t be opened. You should move it to the Trash.