Added an accessibility option to change how much the visual noise moves. You can change between normal movement (the default), reduced movement and no movement by pressing [4], [5] or [6].


Jan 31, 2023


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It needs to have a sterogram solver tool for people like me who can't do them.

Got it going on my Windows PC - my biggest issue was the constant need to move your eyes to see the text.  I found a lot of times this caused me to re-focus and then have to de-focus again to see the stereoscopic game world.  Voiceovers would be very beneficial.


This seems like a really cool concept!  Any chance at an Android and/or Linux release?  I tried, but couldn't get the Windows executable to run through Wine or Proton.

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Daniel, you've done it again! This game is fantastic! The platforming is simple but well designed, and the whole Stereogram thing makes it really special! While it's easy to see how you make things like the snowflakes and the rain fall down, the falling leaves were simply impressive. In fact, the whole game was impressive! How do you make one a these stereograms, and how do they work so well??

On a side note, some of the names of the rooms were really clever. The ones named "It's Dangerous" and "To Go Alone", and the one with the power up being named "Take This", were already a great nod... but then the next power up room, which is a lot further ahead, is called "And This". Perfect! Another favorite of mine is "fragmentation", simply with how you played with the layout of the letters, something we'd only notice if we unfocused from the screen, very nice!

One thing I have to note is how the very final rooms were a bit more straining to the eyes due to the screen shake up, but it still makes for a great finale, and a bit of a twist too! Other than that, the whole playthrough went very smoothly! The sound effects were very neat too!

just amazing, love it

awesome game. hurts my eyes though


Truly amazing game. I've been using stereoscopic imagery on my phone for some time and I tried to developed a game using stereoscopic vision, but using the textured background for making the elements pop is ingenious. I can imagine when I play the game I look like I'm staring at two colorful animated boxes haha.

The only thing I recommend is increasing the level of separation for contrast, adding more varied coloration within the frame to help distinguish the boundaries of the player and obstacles, and to decrease the texture scale.

How do you make these kinda images?? This is super interesting stuff!


Great concept and a well polished game! I've never bothered much with stereograms and this game compelled me to try for the first time. A platformer that you can only see using depth perception? It's so cool! It took me like 5 playthrough attempts to beat it, but breezing through sections, you at first thought were hard, is quite satisfying! However, the very last section was too hard; it relied too much on me memorizing the level, because my depth perception is just to slow for the required pacing. Still, it's a great concept with an even better implementation and that's exactly what I want to see when I play indie games!

Tips for beginners:
- Relax and stare into the static, don't try to see anything in particular. When you see double, overlay the frames in the center and then get them into the right shape. Then put the static's background into focus and you'll start to see the terrain popping out of the screen. Take your time!
- You will need to refocus often during play, that's normal
- Press 3 to highlight the player. It helps with getting into the right focus by overlaying the doubles, though with enough experience, you won't need it anymore!
- Take regular breaks, even outside break rooms. M mutes the game ;)
- If you're stuck, walk away and try another day. You will get better at platforming and percieving over time!
- You can make the frames wider than 4cm  / 1.5", this might help you to percieve better in the last section. Experiment!

Wow, this is really novel!

Would it be possible to make your character a solid color so he stands out from the scenery.  I lose track of him especially going from room to room.

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Never has a game been in more need of a save function.  But it was fun until I threw up and passed out.


Interesting experiment, but honestly why not just make it a "regular" steroscopic display with 2 normal images with depth effect? What's the point of the squiggly static texture? I'm familiar with stereoscopic images, but I could only barely see it using the Lite OWL viewer

Honestly simple but super fun!! Very unique experience. does hurt your eyes a fair bit so take those break rooms seriously <3 

about an hour of gameplay, gives a good challenge as it goes on :)

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Beat cross-eyed. Was surprised by the game’s length.
Never figured out what the last (Shrine) upgrade actually did.

Neat concept and pleasing visual fleur.
The shifting patterns alone were mesmerizing and probably served to hide some limitations.
On the other hand, however, they contributed to the impression of sluggish control responsiveness, whether objectively true or not.
Could’ve controlled better with a gamepad, but didn’t recognize mine.

Character placement felt suitably lenient.
Thanks for the gracious checkpointing. A single checkpointing mistake could ruin a game of this kind, considering connected level-design.
And thanks for the eye muscle coordination exercise at the very end.


The last Shrine upgrade allowed for triple wall jumps I believe.


i cant get it to work, i dont even know what im supposed to be seeing though? i get the two Xs to overlap and that looks fine but the mess of lines is just that no matter what i do

I recommend putting a reflective plastic or glass in front of your screen, sit back and look at your reflection and it should happen right away.  Then remove the plastic and try not to lose focus.

The gameplay is fine until the space part where there are simply not enough pixel to see everything clearly (which is extremely frustrating)


God this game is awesome, I always wanted a game like that ! I talked about it around me but most people don't have a pc :(. A possibility of releasing this game on smartphones ?

oof ouch my eyes


Fun concept! I enjoyed doing the thing to see it all. Too bad the game is a platformer, which is a genre I do not care for too much. But it is a sensible choice, since it makes well use of the stereogram concept. Well made!


Truly extraordinary platformer. Nice game!

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