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Rubik cube but you fiddle with words. Lovely!

I finished it again but on the desktop version. Frustrating but fun!

Anyway, I have another suggestion after that: a in-game timer. For personal bests and speed-running!

no pear :(


appetite of a people pleaser profile picture spotted.


omori profile picture spotted.

not only is it omori, but it's me (and i drew it)



been picking at this day by day! it's fun to find a couple words at a time


i did it!!!!!


cant make pepe, 0 stars


word games my beloved

thoroughly enjoyed every second of this!


after two days of playing, i found all the picture words!! great game, thank you Daniel Linssen!

very fun took me about 3 days to find all the picture words the last one i needed was disc


I would like the option to click on a found word and start from there. Otherwise, very fun game.

Also, is there a way to see what words you have entered (non-picture words)?

I got to 103 and needed to go to bed.

My progress wasn't saved! =(


Decided to try again. Got all 105! All those words from yesterday helped (new and picture words both).
Also discovered a couple of words new to me.

I must also say thanks for leaving in the more crass words like "crap". Weird "mead" (an alcoholic beverage made by fermenting honey mixed with water) isn't allowed though.

105 picture words out of a thousand more!

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this game is great

Got me into the flow so hard. Did not expect.

Fun!  It would be nice to be able to make our own picture words to create custom challenges, and it would be nice to see both how many total unique words we found and the total number of steps used when completing the board.


Found 'em all! Simple mechanic executed nicely. I like that you can only move backwards through previous words. While I found myself wanting to jump to previously found picture words, the ability would have removed a lot of the challenge. Having to try to remember how I got to one picture word so that I can change one letter for a new picture word was frustrating at times, but rewarding. Really great selection of words to find :)


I absolutely loved this game. I used to play something like this with pen and paper when I was bored at school, but this is such a great refinement and presentation of that idea! Love all the animations. Great work.


took me all day but i got them all! its way passed my bed time but i was so close i knew i wasnt gonna be able to sleep if i didnt finish, lol. Very fun and addictive, loved the cute drawings. It was so satisfying finding the paths to the words, but when id accidentally stumble across one?? i felt like a genius lmao. lots of fun thanks for a fun game!


I finally beat it

last word was quiz but i got ther

How does one start the HTML5 version? I only see a Windows download.


Took me days, but I finally did it. I hope to see more games like this!


just got all the words - it was surprisingly addicting and fun! great work, loved the art and the concept as a whole

LOVEEEE this game!!!!

i played for hours till i got it all done :)

how do i start?


Great game! Is it possible to add "jump" function that directly jump to the picture word(s) that already found?


Wonderful game! Very elegant rules, and delightful illustrations too!

I recommend playing with a notepad open in background so that you can note down your word chains - this can prove very handy when a new word reveals to be close enough to a one that you have already visited.

The game also allows for some plural words (e.g. cats), declensions (e.g. paly), and uncommon words (nori? wold?? yird???), so don’t be afraid to try things out.

It would appear that I have distracted a few other people by linking them this game.

So creative and interesting!

how do i reset if i make a typo


Backspace should work!


Hi! We played your game on stream and really enjoyed it!

how to complete the task with picture?


Good fun and really well made. 

Awesome, loved it.


great game! it is a simple idea but it is so well polished!

can we play it on mobile?


I must warn you that warn is not a 4 letter word!


Interesting, I wish I could click on any of the picture words I found previously to see them again


I was also hoping that all the words would be in sequence in the end, so you could (once you knew them all), just write through the whole sequence and see them all

Also also it would be nice, if there it indicated if you found the word on your own, or with the hint already revealed. (maybe a different color highlight)

Finished all but 1! (censored)

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Got it, again, think it would be nice to be able to look at all the images at the end, I can't even type words now ;(


Trying to sort the words into a speedrun list (fewest typed words): SPOILERS:


i could click the tab button for minutes just to listen to the sound effect

very nice game! sorry I started off with a complaint about a missing word

Dane is a word for danish perso


I beat it! Turns out taking notes is super useful in this game.

finally TvT
damn you acid! was hiding from me to the end


Thanks for the spoiler !!!


This is very addictive and original! I love it <3 recommended it to a bunch of friends

It isn't orignal this game has been around for years, my father had learned it before I was born and told me about it when I was either 9 or 10/info

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